Using appropriate hashtags is one of the oldest and best working strategies on Instagram to get new Instagram followers.

Instagram hashtags are to be viewed as topic categories that help to find specific posts on Instagram. This is done by assigning a post to a particular topic (hashtag) and providing the base with a hashtag matching the case.

The hashtag strategy requires that you share posts or posts on Instagram, i.e., use the content creator strategy.

If you find suitable Instagram hashtags in your own “weight class,” these hashtags found and used can be an essential factor in getting more reach, i.e., being seen by accounts that previously didn’t know yet.

The chain of success that ensures that new followers are gained can be seen as analogous to the “get more Instagram followers” ​​success chain of the content creator strategy, which we have already explained in detail.

Below, you can see two examples from one of my Instagram accounts that show how you can get more reach through Instagram hashtags and thus be “seen” to get more Instagram followers.

You can see in the examples above from my accounts that I managed to find the best Instagram hashtags for my budget because the posts could only get more than 50% of their reach from the Instagram hashtags found and used.

A lot of people were reached who hadn’t followed me before. You can also see that this has resulted in many new subscribers and new Instagram followers.

However, such results are only possible if you know exactly which hashtags to use and how. In other words, how to find the best Instagram hashtags that effectively affect your account.

Therefore, understanding how to find and use the best Instagram hashtags is a must for any business or individual trying to get more Instagram followers.

For this reason, I have written a comprehensive Instagram Hashtags guide that describes how to proceed. You can read it by clicking here or on the button below.


Below, I briefly and concisely address the most critical aspects of the Instagram hashtags strategy to get more Instagram followers.

As described at the beginning, Instagram hashtags are keywords for specific topics that will show your post in searches and other places.

If your post attracts a lot of interaction, the Instagram algorithm will display it under the hashtag search. This gives you free reach and allows you to come into contact with accounts that still need to follow you.

However, only if you choose the right hashtags in your “weight class” for your posts. This means that to appear in Instagram hashtag searches, and you should use the best and most appropriate Instagram hashtags that contain posts with a similar level of average likes and engagement to yours and a low level of competitiveness.

Ensuring that the content you share is relevant to the hashtag makes you much more likely to get ranked.

So, when thinking about the Instagram hashtags you want to use, think first about the content you wish to publish. Create the Instagram hashtags specifically for this content and do the hashtag research accordingly.

Make sure you use Instagram hashtags that have high potential reach and low competition.

The more specific you are with your hashtags, the more likely competition is to decrease. You can still use a few more competitive hashtags. If you rank there, you get a higher reach. But especially if you have a smaller account, you’ll want to focus on hashtags with lower competition than your account.

This will give you a much higher chance of ranking since you likely won’t compete with accounts twice your size.

You can generally use up to 30 hashtags per post. Studies by  Fanpagekarma,  for example, have shown that posts with 30 hashtags have better reach than posts with fewer hashtags.

This means the more hashtags you use, the more likely you rank in a hashtag.

But be careful not to use banned hashtags. Otherwise, there is a risk that your profile will receive an Instagram shadowban.

It makes no difference whether the hashtags are posted directly in the image description of the post or the first comment.

To have the most significant possible ranking effect, use ten hashtags with low competition. Ten hashtags that have medium competition. And ten hashtags that have high competition.

If you land on a hashtag with low competition, more people will likely see your post.

The more hashtags you use, the more likely you are to rank on at least one.

If your post gets a lot of attention because of this increase in engagement, you could be placed on the mid-competition hashtags and then on the higher-competition hashtags, giving your post potential virality (staircase method).

Focus on your engagement when preparing posts. Ultimately, ranking on a hashtag is based on the popularity of your content. If your content performs well, you are more likely to rank. So make sure you engage with your followers and understand what type of content they like to see. Please look at what content your followers or potential followers are saving and find new and unique content ideas to engage them.


Shoutouts are an excellent trick to get more followers on Instagram. Because if you want to build up a whole lot of new Instagram followers in one fell swoop, then influencer marketing in the form of “buy shoutouts” is the right strategy for you.

The way it all works is that you invest money in relevant influencers so that they advertise your page or account on their story or their news feed.

However, if you want to use influencers to get more Instagram followers, it is a challenging task.

You need to pay the influencers and expect the results to come.

You have to be smart when choosing and assessing important key figures to find the right and good influencers who are worth the money. In other words, they also bring the results you expect.


Here you will find simple instructions for getting more followers on Instagram with Instagram influencer marketing and the associated shoutouts:

Find influencers with quality engagement.

Start with influencers who have 20k-100k followers.

Check their likes and comments (look for organic words and look for small accounts that like their pictures, because if they get a lot of likes from large accounts, it is likely that they are using “powerlines” or another source of the often “illegal” Engagement inflation to deceive the Instagram algorithm such as engagement groups, purchased likes and comments, bots, etc.)

Start by purchasing newsfeed promos.

Create good “ad copy” (the image or video you will use for the promotion).

Create a good caption for the image or video, including a clear call-to-action to get users who don’t know you yet to follow you and your account.

Test the ad copy on three different influencers at different times (To accurately track your results)

The best Instagram influencer analytics tool on the market. There, you can get everything you need at a glance.

The most important thing to remember is that some influencers with 1 million followers can perform worse than influencers with 30k followers. That’s why you have to test a lot and research and analyze the influencers very well.

By Faizan Hussain

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