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Smd screen, In the fast-changing technological world digital screens have become an integral element of a variety of industries. The SMD (Surface Mounted device) screen have gained huge popularity because of their high resolution, vivid colors, and efficiency in energy use. In Pakistan there are a variety of businesses that are specialized in the production of SMD screens, all of which have distinct characteristics and advantages in competition. This article we’ll look at the two top SMD screen manufacturers in Pakistan and their products, and what makes them are different from other companies in the market.

Screens with SMD technology have transformed the display market by their excellent image quality and their versatility. Screens can be used for sports, entertainment, advertising as well as other areas. Pakistan has seen an increase in the demand of SMD screens, resulting in the rise of a number of companies specialized in the production of SMD screens. Two of these businesses, Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays stand out for their superior products and services.

A image of SMD screen
SMD screen

Company A: smdscreens.pk


Innovision Technologies is a leading producer of SMD screens in Pakistan. With a focus to research and innovation, Innovision can be considered a leader in the field. It is a company that provides modern solutions designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of its clients.

Product Variety

Innovision provides a wide range of SMD screens that are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Their product range include LED-lit video wall, billboards with digital technology transparent displays, and custom solutions. The screen are made available in a variety of dimensions and resolutions, making sure that they are compatible with various installation requirements.

Key Features

  • High-resolution displays for stunning visuals
  • Energy-efficient designs that help lower the use of electricity.
  • Robust construction that provides greater durability
  • Advanced color calibration to ensure precise color reproduction
  • Maintenance and installation process is seamless.
A image of SMD screen
SMD screen

Company B: mustangled.com


Pixel Perfect Displays is another important participant of the SMD screen market in Pakistan. Pixel Perfect Displays has earned the reputation of being committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Through a focus on the customer Pixel Perfect Displays aims to offer innovative solutions for display that go beyond expectations.

Product Variety

Pixel Perfect Displays offers a large selection of SMD screens that are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The product line includes LED displays digital signage mobile LCD screens and LED panels that are flexible. The company is focused on providing top-quality screens with high-quality visibility and long-lasting durability.

Key Features

  • Wide viewing angles to provide greater visibility
  • Excellent colors and contrast ratios.
  • Durable and weatherproof designs designed suitable for outdoor use
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate
  • Support for customers promptly to get technical assistance

A comparison between Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays

When deciding on the most suitable SMD screen provider in Pakistan It is important to look at a range of aspects. Let’s examine the differences between Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays in terms of price, quality as well as customer service and the latest technology.


Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays are known for their dedication to providing quality products. They use advanced manufacturing processes as well as rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that their screens are in line with international standards. In addition, Innovision Technologies stands out due to its superior precision in color and its advanced calibration techniques that provide excellent image quality.


Regarding pricing they both offer affordable prices on SMD screens. SMD screens. In contrast, Innovision Technologies offers more flexibility regarding pricing, allowing clients to select from a broad variety of options based upon their budget and needs. Pixel Perfect Displays, on contrary, focuses on providing value by offering durable and feature-rich displays.

Customer Support

Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays are committed to the satisfaction of customers and provide solid customer service. Innovision Technologies offers comprehensive after-sales support, which includes installation assistance and troubleshooting. Pixel Perfect Displays emphasizes prompt response times and technical support to provide a seamless customer experience.


Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays are driven by innovation and constantly seek to improve their offerings. Innovision Technologies invests heavily in research and development that results in cutting-edge technology and features. advances. Pixel Perfect Displays focuses on creating innovative design concepts and expanding their product line to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.


Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays are two top SMD screen manufacturers in Pakistan both of which have distinct advantages. In contrast, while Innovision Technologies excels in color precision and customizable choices, Pixel Perfect Displays stands in its high-quality services and quick customer service. In the event that you value image quality, price flexibility, or customer support, both companies offer solid options to meet your p10 smd led screen needs.


Do these companies offer custom solutions according to specific project specifications?

Yes Both Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.

Are these firms able to offer installations for the SMD screen they sell?

Both companies offer installation services that ensure seamless integration and maximum functionality of their screen.

What type of warranty are these companies offering to their screen SMDs?

Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays offer guarantees ranging between one and three years, based on the particular model.

Are these screens able to be used in outdoor applications?

They both have SMD screens that are specifically designed for outdoor use to ensure long-lasting durability and resistance to weather.

Does the company offer technical support following the purchase?

Yes Innovision Technologies as well as Pixel Perfect Displays offer reliable technical support for any questions or concerns post-purchase.

In conclusion, the SMD screen business in Pakistan is experiencing rapid growth thanks to companies such as Innovision Technologies and Pixel Perfect Displays. They are constantly innovating and provide top-quality, custom solutions that can meet the varied demands of their customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s for entertainment, advertising or any other purpose the two top SMD screen manufacturers from Pakistan are regarded as trustworthy suppliers of cutting-edge technology for display.

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