ud las palmas vs fc barcelona timeline

This rivalry among UD Las Palmas as well as FC Barcelona is one steeped in long-standing history and unforgettable matches. Even though FC Barcelona is one of the most popular and successful clubs worldwide, UD Las Palmas has long-standing tradition in Spanish football, thanks to its ardent fans and enduring spirit. This article gives a thorough overview of their rivalries that explores the nature between their teams, the significance of games, and the development of both teams throughout the years. We examine the ways each era has shaped the rivalry, and identify significant characters, unforgettable moments and the social-cultural significance of their fights.

Early Encounters

The first meeting that took place between UD Las Palmas as well as FC Barcelona took place on September 9th in 1951. The game set the tone for what would turn into an exciting series of combats over the course of time. Barcelona was victorious in an impressive 4-1 victory, demonstrating their skills and setting the standard for the future. The first few years were marked by the dominance of Barcelona, however Las Palmas steadily built their team with the aim of challenging Barcelona’s Catalan giants.

1950s Highlights:

  • 1951: First encounter, Barcelona wins 4-1.
  • 1953 Las Palmas achieves a memorable 2-0 win which marks their first victory against Barcelona.
  • 1958 Barcelona defeats Las Palmas with a 7-0 win in one of the most unbalanced outcome in their matches.

The 1960s and 1970s: Golden Era of Las Palmas

In the 1960s, and into 1970s were the beginning of a golden age in the history of UD Las Palmas, which transformed into a dominant powerhouse on the field of Spanish football. During this time, Las Palmas not only were able to compete with Barcelona but also won numerous significant wins. Their approach to football, which is characterized by flair and a sense of humour has earned them many admirers.

Key Matches:

  • 1967 Las Palmas defeats Barcelona 3-1, showing their brilliance in the tactical arena.
  • 1970 Las Palmas wins 4-1, a spectacular performance that is still the most memorable wins.
  • 1978 Las Palmas holds Barcelona to a draw of 3-3 and show their tenacity.

1980s and 1990s: Barcelona’s Dominance

In the 1990s and into the 1980s, FC Barcelona began to increase their dominance. With players such as Johan Cruyff and later Ronald Koeman, Barcelona established themselves as a formidable force not only in Spain but also in European football too. Las Palmas struggled to keep up with Barcelona’s speedy and star-studded team in the midst of this time.

Notable Matches:

  • 1985 Barcelona beats the opposition 5-0 in a game that underlines their dominance.
  • 1992 Barcelona is now in the direction under the direction of Johan Cruyff, defeats Las Palmas 4-1, a testimony to their superiority in tactics.
  • 1996 Barcelona gets a win of 6-0, which is a reflection of the differences between the teams throughout this time.

The 2000s: A New Millennium

Both teams were undergo major transformations. FC Barcelona continued their pursuit of excellence by bringing players like Ronaldinho as well as Lionel Messi, who would change the game of football. UD Las Palmas however was a team that experienced fluctuations in fortunes with promotions and relegations.

Significant Encounters:

  • 2000 Las Palmas wins 3-1, which is a shocking and uplifting result for morale.
  • 2002 Barcelona secures a win by a narrow margin of 2-1, showing their determination.
  • 2005 Las Palmas and Barcelona draw an exciting draw that ended in a 2-2.

2010-2020: Barcelona’s Continued Supremacy

In the ten years since, FC Barcelona continued to dominate Spanish football, with Lionel Messi at the helm. Their clashes between them and UD Las Palmas during this time often revealed the gulf in quality, even though Las Palmas showed glimpses of the power and determination of their team.

Memorable Matches:

  • 2014. Barcelona beats the opposition 2-0 and maintains their dominance.
  • 2016, Barcelona wins 5-1 win in the Champions League, with Messi and Suarez performing in dazzling form.
  • 2018. Las Palmas holds Barcelona to a draw of 1-1 which is a great performance for an elite team.

Key Matches in Recent Years

2014: Barcelona 2-0 Las Palmas

This year, Barcelona kept up their excellent performance with a comfortable 22-0 win against Las Palmas. Goals scored by Neymar and Messi won the game and reflected Barcelona’s offensive prowess.

2016: Barcelona 5-0 Las Palmas

One of the more single-sided games in recent times, Barcelona thrashed Las Palmas 5-1. Suarez was the hat-trick scorer as Messi as well as Arda Turan also scored goals. The game was a perfect example of Barcelona’s offensive dominance throughout this period.

2018: Las Palmas 1-1 Barcelona

In a bizarre sequence of events Las Palmas held Barcelona to 1-1 in the 2018. In spite of Messi having given Barcelona an advantage, Las Palmas fought back and equalized with an Jonathan Calleri penalty. The result demonstrated Las Palmas’ resilience and ability to compete with top teams.


The history of games of UD Las Palmas as well as FC Barcelona is a rich collection of football’s history with periods of dominance, memorable wins and exciting encounters. From the beginning of Barcelona’s dominance, through the golden era in Las Palmas in the 1960s and 1970s, and recent times when Barcelona’s star power frequently prevailed every era has added an individual chapter to the rivalry. In spite of the difficulties, UD Las Palmas has consistently displayed admirable energy and determination, making sure that games with Barcelona are always awaited with anticipation. As both clubs continue to develop the fans can anticipate numerous exciting matches in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year did UD Las Palmas’s first match in the first game against FC Barcelona?

UD Las Palmas’ first game was in the first match against FC Barcelona on September 9 1951. Barcelona took the game 4-1.

Which was your most important win in the history of UD Las Palmas in the battle against Barcelona?

One of the biggest wins that was won by UD Las Palmas Barcelona was a victory of 4-1 in the year 1970, which showcased their tactical skill and establishing a landmark moment within their history.

How has the competition developed over time?

The rivalry has gone through several stages: first dominance by Barcelona during the 50s a golden age in the era of Las Palmas in the 1960s and 1970s, a return to dominance by Barcelona during the 1980s and 1990s and continued dominance of Barcelona in recent years, with periodic competitive performances by Las Palmas.

What Barcelona players have made an impact on the game with Las Palmas?

The likes of Johan Cruyff, Ronald Koeman, Ronaldinho, and Lionel Messi have made significant contributions in games in the match against Las Palmas, often playing important roles in Barcelona’s wins.

What was the outcome of the latest game that took place between UD Las Palmas and FC Barcelona?

The most recent game of UD Las Palmas and FC Barcelona ended in a 1-1 draw the year 2018, and Jonathan Calleri equalizing for Las Palmas after Lionel Messi had given Barcelona the lead.

What have the home and away factors had an impact on the outcome of these games?

Home advantage has frequently played an important role in the game, and with Las Palmas performing notably better on their home turf. But Barcelona’s superior team capacity and strength have frequently resulted in them winning at home as well as away.

 What are some of the most memorable moments from this game?

Some memorable occasions are Las Palmas’ 4-1 victory in the year 1970, Barcelona’s 7-0 defeat in the year 1958 and the tightly contesting 1-1 draw in 2018 demonstrating the unpredictable and thrilling character of this match.
This extensive timeline and investigation into the UD Las Palmas and FC Barcelona rivalry offer additional a an in-depth understanding of their clashes throughout the years, providing a glimpse of the development of both teams, as well as unforgettable moments that have created this legendary rivalry.