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Sports shoes, Athleisure is among the most prominent trends of the past decade to emerge in the fashion world. Nowadays, women prefer wearing crop tops, leggings, sports bras and sports shoes as men are seen wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, and running sneakers, sports shoes

Athleisure is the perfect mix of leisure and athletic styles designed to provide wearers with an incredibly comfortable, stylish and vibrant look that they can wear everyday. If you’re trying to raise your fashion standards a bit trying out this style is a good idea.

Join the movement by beginning with baby steps. You can start by switching your shoes to sporting running shoes. To help you pick the most appropriate pair of shoes we’ve included some fashion tips for you. Alongside the shoes we have style suggestions to help you match the sneakers with different types of attires for athleisure.

Select Shoes 

Selecting the right footwear is essential to master the trend of athleisure. At Metro we have plenty of options for you to consider, beginning in running footwear. They’re not only stylish but also strong and supportive, they are also practical. Find the top running shoes for both men and women. Be aware of factors such as the fit, durability and arch support as well as cushioning when you are shopping for the right shoes.

Mind the Colours When Choosing Shoes for Acing the Athleisure Trend

Another tip to consider when selecting running shoes to rock the athleisure style is to think about the colors. The right color can be the difference between a good and bad look, so it’s crucial to select the right shade. If you’re unsure, opt for neutral shades like white, black navy, or grey because these colors are simple to pair with other clothes. If you’re looking to add some color, think about choosing vibrant or striking colors.

Outfit Ideas for Men to Join the Athleisure Trend

Do not be afraid to experiment with your clothes for the perfect look for your athleisure! Below are some fascinating outfits you can make using the top sneakers for men.

1. For a casual style for a casual look, wear a classic sweatshirt with white shoes for running. Finish the look with an oversized beanie and a crossbody bag.

2. An easy look for minimalists! Combine a track jacket with a tailored jogger and colour-blocked sneakers. You can add a touch of class with a classic leather watch.

3. For a more sporty style you can pair a graphic tee with a pair of cycling shorts and chunky sneakers. You can give your outfit an urban vibe by wearing the baseball cap.

Outfit Ideas for Women to Rock the Athleisure Trend

Are you looking for ideas for your outfit using the most comfortable woman’s running shoe? Here are some casual looks you can try:

1. Enjoy a stylish, casual look by combining an oversized hoodie, a cropped top, the highest-waisted leggings as well as sneakers. You can dress it up with an embroidered crossbody bag to create a chic look.

2. Here’s a more sophisticated style for you. Wear two cycling shorts and a blazer. After that, slip on your running shoes, put on bags and sunglasses to stand out.

3. Get trendy by mixing an edgy tank top with sneakers that are chunky and joggers. Add a denim jacket to complete the look with bucket hat.

Get your athletic game on the rise by putting on the right shoes today

For a successful pull-off of the trend of athleisure the key is confidence. Get out from the comfort zone and discover new styles. If you’re just starting out, think about purchasing the top running shoes and adhere to these fashion tips to make your mark. If you’re confident and try out different styles, you’ll soon be on the path to mastering the trend of athleisure.

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