How to Play “He’s a 10 But” – The Viral Trend on Twitter and TikTok

Have you heard about the latest trend sweeping social media platforms such as Twitter as well as TikTok? It’s known as “He’s a 10 but” It’s all about assessing someone’s beauty as well as evaluating their quirky habits, quirks or even their the past.

This article will dive further into “He’s a 10 but” trend, explain how to play the game and give over 80 examples of the questions that you can try to start.

The ability to comprehend “He’s a 10 but”

The idea of “He’s a 10, but” is quite simple. You evaluate someone’s physical appearance on a scale from 1 to 10, however, you also consider the flaws or imperfections that could cause them to appear less appealing. For instance, “He’s a 10, but he has bad breath.”

The game focuses on the balance between physical attractiveness and personality characteristics that could be a problem for some individuals. It’s a lighthearted and enjoyable way to start conversations with your buddies and gain knowledge about the preferences of each other.

Examples of “He’s a 10 but” Questions

For you to get to get started, here are more than 80 instances from “He’s a 10 but” questions you can apply in the course of playing

He’s a 10 but is a ten. He talks too much

He’s a 10 but always late

He’s a 10 but has poor table manners

He’s a 10, but he’s not a great kisser.

He’s a 10 but is an eater who is picky.

He’s 10 but the guy is messy.

He’s a 10 but has a bizarre interest

He’s a ten year old, but the fact that he’s a mama’s son

He’s a 10, but his personality is too intimate.

He’s a 10, but he’s not a good driver.

He’s a 10 but smokes

He’s a 10, but he is in debt

He’s 10 but the phone is always on

He’s a 10 but too aggressive

He’s a 10, but He’s a guru

He’s a 10 but is too obsessed with fitness

He’s a 10, but the boy is the ultimate party animal

He’s a 10, but he’s way too serious

He’s a 10 but has a temper problem.

He’s a 10, but he’s still a child.

He’s a 10, but he’s always late

He’s a 10 but is very clingy

He’s a 10 but is rude to staff members who are in service

He’s a 9 but is not clean.

He’s 10 but he speaks about his ex a quite a lot

He’s a size 4 but wears a nice outfit

He’s a 10, but he appears to be entitled

He’s a 10, but the majority of his peers are girls.

He’s a 3 and is a good tipper.

He’s only a 10, but he’ll call mommy

He’s only 6 but he is a driver and has a car. He can drive

He’s a 10, but he is not funny.

He’s a 10 but is one of a few random Instagram models

He’s a 4 but is a great music lover.

He’s a ten, but He follows girls who do not follow him back

He’s a 10, but He doesn’t argue

He’s a 10, but he isn’t aspired

He’s a 6, but he does not have a social media account.

He’s a 10, but he had a cheating habit before.

He’s a 10 but wears the Fanny pack

He’s a ten, but he behaves like an infant when he can’t achieve what he needs.

He’s a 5, but he’s organised

He’s a 10, but his home is a complete chaos

He’s a 10 but still stuck on his ex

He’s only 6 but he can remember everything you’ve said about him

He’s a 10, but the guy is shorter than you.

He’s a 9 but scared of bugs

He’s a 10 and He’s always making fun of himself

He’s a 5, but he is a great sense of direction.

He’s a 10, but he does not want to put you on Instagram

He’s a 10 and He uses the “” Emoji

He’s an 8 and He doesn’t exercise

He’s a 10. But he wants you to divide the cost on the first date.

He’s a 10, but He vapes

He’s a 3 and isn’t as enthralled by things that you.

He’s a ten, but his first word in every conversation is “wyd”

He’s a 10 but says other girls are hot

He’s 5 stars but he’s an excellent listener

He’s only a 10 and the way he behaves is disrespectful to his parents.

He’s a 10-year-old, however his best acquaintance is his ex

He’s a 9 and Snapchat is still his primary method to keep in touch

He’s a 9, but he’s using “your” instead of “you’re”

He’s a 5, but he’s a gentleman who respects limits

He’s a 9 and he is a baseball player and does the wave at games

He’s a 6 but is able to hold very good conversations

He’s a 9 and the rapper is a SoundCloud rapper

He’s only a 4 but he is interested in your interests

He’s a 4-year-old, but the guy is kind to animals

He’s a 6, but he’s always in the early hours

He’s 9 but it’s a momma’s boy.

He’s only 4 but he’s obsessed with you.

He’s a 9 but always has flip flops on.

He’s a 9 but only texts you after 11pm

He’s only 8 but He dances on TikTok

He’s 7 but is extremely jealous

He’s an eight, but he does not care about other people’s stuff

He’s a four, but he has amazing photos of you

He’s a 10, but he does not use deodorant.

He’s a 4-year-old, but he cooks

He’s only 4 but he’s the same age as you and is on your flight

He’s a 6, but the eyes only focus on you.

He’s a 4, but he is a 4 and pays for everything

He’s a 2 but has a very nice smile

He’s a 10 and only showers once per week

He’s 8 but would like to have an open relationship

He’s 2 but the guy is rich

He’s a 10-year-old, but he gets stuck in a rotating door

He’s a 10, but he always talks about negative things about people

He’s 5 but he’s extremely secure of you

He’s a 5 and he’s hilarious

He’s a 4, but is committed

He’s only a 4 but has the same passions like you.

He’s 5 but he gets your sarcasm, and will play along

He’s only 4 but he has amazing style

He’s a 3 but he’s 6’5

He’s a 4-year-old, but he’s a florist without even asking

He’s a 10 and responds once every 2-3 business days

He’s only a 4 but he’s intelligent

He’s a 3 but he has a dog

He’s a 10 but stupid

He’s a 10, but his driving can cause anxiety

He’s a 10 but is too sociable with girls

Spelling Bee Answers

How to Play the Game?

The game “He’s a 10 but” is simple and is fun to play with anyone. This is a step-by-step instruction on the game:

Step 1 Step 1: Start by asking the “He’s a 10 but” question.

Ask your friend for a “He’s a 10 but” question. Make sure to include an imperfection or flaw that could diminish the attractiveness of the person. For instance, “He’s a 10, but he has a weird laugh.”

Step 2. Rate the individual.

The person you ask to evaluate the person according to the questions. The score can be any number ranging from 1-10 or any other number that you agree with.

Step 3: Ask a question in return

The other person asks you an “He’s a 10 but” question. Continue the game by asking the other players questions and rating the participants by the answers.

Step 4: Add a positive, if the rating is low.

You can reduce the score by adding something positive to the person even if their rating is not high. For instance, “He’s a 4, but he’s a great cook.” Read more