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Guardian Tales is a popular mobile game created by Kakao Games. It has a large audience and is played by gamers from all over the world. There have been complaints of errors that many players experience – for instance, the Guardian Tales platform error 500. This error blocks players from joining the game, and is painful for those trying to play the game. This article will cover the top five solutions to Guardian Tales platform error 500. Guardian Tales Platform error 500. We will assist you to return to playing as soon as you can.

Understanding the Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

Before you can get into the solutions it is important to know how to fix the Guardian Tales platform error 500 and the reasons behind it. This error code is an HTTP status code that signals an internal server issue. The error could be caused by different reasons, including improper server configurations, incorrect code, or issues with the hardware of the server.

In the instance that of Guardian Tales, the platform error 500 happens when the game servers are overwhelmed with prayers, and the system is not able to cope with the demand. This is often the case in peak times when the amount of players trying to join the game is large.

Clear the Cache and Cookies

One of the simplest solutions to an easy fix for Guardian Tales platform error 500 is to clean all cookies and cache from your browser. This can resolve any issues that are temporary to the browser that could cause the error. To delete your cache as well as cookies do these things:

Open your browser, and navigate through the setting menu.

Select the option to clear cookies and caches, then click it.

Choose the period of time that you wish to clean out the cookies and cache.

Clear the button

After you have cleared the cookies and cache After that, login for Guardian Tales again and see whether the issue is fixed.

Check Your Internet Connection

An insecure internet connection may occasionally cause Guardian Tales platform error 500. This happens when the game is unable to communicate with the server because of an unstable or slow internet connection. To determine if your internet connection is stable you can follow these steps:

Use a browser to open a web page and then try to load an internet page.

Your internet connection could be to be the cause if your website is loading slowly or not.

Restart your modem or router and try it again.

In the event that your Internet connection remains stable, and the issue persists, proceed to the next solution.

Restart the Game

Restarting the game is a good way to solve problems with the Guardian Tales Platform error code 500. This will refresh the game and remove any temporary glitches that could cause the error. To start the game again you must follow these steps:

Stop playing with your device mobile

Give it a few minutes.

Restart the game and try to log in once more.

If the issue persists, proceed to the next solution.

Update the Game

An older version of Guardian Tales can also cause the error 500 on the platform. The developers regularly issue update to correct bugs as well as boost its performance. If you haven’t updated your game for some time this could be caused by an old version. To upgrade the game take these steps:

Go to the app store and open it on your smartphone.

Search for Guardian Tales.

If you are able to download an update you can click”Update.

When the game is updated, try logging into to see if the issue is fixed.

Contact Support

If none of the solutions above work this error, it could be due to an issue with the game’s server, which only game developers can resolve. If this is the case it is recommended to call to the Guardian Tales support team for assistance. For support contact follow these steps:

Launch the game and select the Settings icon.

Click the Support button.

Complete this form with all of your information along with a description of your error.

Complete the form and then expect an answer from the support team.

Support staff will help you identify the issue and offer an answer.


A Guardian Tales platform error 500 could be a major issue for players, but there are several solutions to fix the problem. From clearing caches and cookies, to contacting Support, the steps will assist you in playing the game as fast as you can. If you experience this error, follow these solutions and play Guardian Tales.

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