What Are The Different Types Of Car Service And Which Do I Need in Dubai?

Car Service, Regular maintenance helps keep your car operating in top condition therefore, you’ll call several garages to inquire about what they charge.

“What kind of car service are you looking for?”

Cue nervous silence.

“Um… What kinds of types exist?”

Car Service, Knowing what kind of car services you need will help keep your car adjusted and could save you money even if your vehicle doesn’t require one with all the bells and whistles right now.

The most suitable choice for your car will be determined by a variety of variables, which is why it’s not always the best choice to keep booking the same car.

It is possible that you require an additional service based on the vehicle’s model and make, as well as the age of the car and how much mileage you’ve had recently. This could be based on the prior service you’ve had.

If you’re unsure of which type of car service you need take a look at this article to learn about the various types of services and which is best for your car.

What are the different kinds of services?

The most frequently called a complete service for cars, however you can actually find three major kinds:

1. Interim service

2. Full service

3. Major service

What is examined in the service you receive is different for each service providers, as both the garage and dealership will examine the various parts in accordance with their normal lifespan. Every one differs in the length of time a car service is, as well as the cost of a service will cost, but it is the primary purpose of maintaining your vehicle.

The article we wrote about what car services include provides a deeper description of what each of them entails, therefore, we’ll explain how to choose among the two.

What kind services do I require?

Car servicing can be a challenge to track as you must plan the annual MOT. Although it’s not an official requirement, just similar to an MOT, no denying the massive safety advantages.

Your mechanic will search for any problems regarding your brake pads and handbrake. They will also top up and replace the vital fluid levels such as coolant, engine oil, as well as brake fluid.

As the majority of automobile owners aren’t particularly adept in the area of oil changes, replacing oil filters, examining spark plugs or shock absorbers The smooth operation of your car is often dependent on these routine maintenance inspections.

A deviation from the recommended maintenance timetable can affect both your warranty as well as the potential resales value. It could cause corrosion of components that need to be repaired or replaced. 

Interim Service

Interim Services are usually recommended for those who travel a lot. The more mileage you drive puts additional strain on the vehicle which is why it’s vital to have a brake inspection. Since you’ll notice the wear and tear throughout the different parts of your vehicle and you might need replacement parts sooner than you thought.

Full Service

If you travel a significant amount of miles, or have recently experienced a Major Service on your vehicle, you’re likely to benefit from an All-Service.

Alongside everything that is assessed during the Interim Service, they’ll also check conditions of the radiator and will perform the change of your air filter. You can look through your V5C logbook to view your complete service record to decide if this is the most appropriate option for you.

Major Service

If you’ve been through a Full Service in the past couple of years, it’s probably time to book in for an Major Service.

The most extensive kind of repair, there’s nothing an expert mechanic will not do the Major Service. They’ll replace all filters and fluids perform comprehensive security checks, change the brake fluids, and perform a replacement of your cabin filter.

They’re performed every two years at the latest after 24,000 miles, if this occurs first. If you think there are deeper issues happening in your vehicle it’s not a bad idea to consider making an appointment for an appointment for a Major Service over a Full Service.

If you’re wondering what’s included in a major service we’ve posted a piece on this topic too.

What is the distinction between an interim and full-service?

There are many factors that distinguish between an interim and full-service. The first one is obvious when you consider the frequency at which you need to service your car, because interim services are performed every six months, while full-services are performed annually. Both check different aspects of your vehicle to ensure that it is in good condition. For a comprehensive explanation, look up the differences in between a interim service and a a full service.

What kind of car service do I require for my car lease?

In general, a lease agreement lasts for 3 years. Within this time you’ll probably require several intermediate services, two complete services, and one major service.

It is recommended to check the guidelines of the manufacturer for your particular model and ensure that you follow the correct schedule to service the car you lease to avoid return fees at the conclusion of your lease. If you sign an annual maintenance plan for your car typically, you will receive the cost of car maintenance included.

Be aware that if you are on an agreement with a high mileage it may require more maintenance than a typical mileage vehicle.


Deciding which car service you will need for your vehicle depends on many factors such as the mileage you have accumulated and how old your vehicle is, the model and make model, as well as was the most recent type of car maintenance you’ve had.

Make sure to read our guidelines on what’s included in interim services complete service, a full service, or a major service. Also, contact reputable garages and dealerships for estimates!

Between car service it is essential to keep your vehicle in good condition. Check out our checklist for car maintenance, and these tips on car maintenance from experts in auto repair will be helpful!