BMW Servicing and Maintenance Guide in 2024

BMW Servicing, BMW is a manufacturer of some of the most powerful quality, performance, and luxury automobiles. By following a regular BMW maintenance schedule will prolong the life, value, and quality of your BMW. It is normal for driving to cause wear and tear to various components and parts of your BMW vehicle. We’ve compiled an outline of areas both you as well as your BMW service center should be monitoring carefully. Making an appointment with an BMW specialist can ensure that your vehicle is taken care of, BMW Servicing

When to get a BMW Service

The most recent BMW models are equipped with technology that will notify you when it is time to schedule a BMW service is required. Modern cars are equipped with sensors that keep track of the date of your service, calculate the mileage and identify any problems in your car. Certain BMW models can even tell you how much mileage you’ve left to go until the next scheduled service! If there’s not a significant issue or you’re unable to operate a vehicle, then you aren’t worried about the time to schedule an BMW service.

Certain BMW computer systems take it one step beyond. The BMW Condition Based Servicing System can learn what you do, how you drive, and the nature of weather conditions and environment as well as track specific components of your vehicle.

These include, but aren’t included in:

– Oil Levels

– Spark Plugs

– Cabin Filters

– Brake Pads

– Tyre Pressure

The computer on board will let you know when these components require an inspection by an BMW mechanic, are worn or require urgent replacement. These computers will monitor a large portion of the components that make up your BMW and you don’t have to! This prevents you from spending time maintaining your car. That’s why we advise you to visit the nearest BMW service center when your vehicle informs you!

If, however, your car does not have an CBS system, or you’d like to improve efficiency of the BMW vehicle, here are a few suggestions!

BMW Tires

Monitoring the health and condition of the BMW tires is among the most basic ways to effortlessly maintain the performance that you get from you BMW vehicle. While the computer monitors the tire pressure but they cannot recognize wear patterns that are uneven. By regularly checking the condition of your BMW tires, you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary expenses.

BMW Spark Plugs & BMW Air Filters

Even the latest BMW models will not notify or monitor Spark Plugs and Air Filters. BMW Service centers usually change BMW Spark plugs in intervals dependent on the specific engine. BMW Air filters are typically examined at the time of each minor service. This is why we recommend taking your car to the BMW service center near you to have them checked. If they need replacement ensure that you utilize genuine parts so that you’ll have peace of knowing that your vehicle is operating at its best. With top-quality components will reduce the number of trips to your BMW service center.

BMW Oil Levels

In general you will find that your BMW vehicle will tell you to make an oil change after 15,000KM. However, based on the BMW model, it is recommended to have your BMW oil change more often. Not only will this prolong the longevity of your vehicle but will also increase the performance of your car.

By following this BMW maintenance and servicing guide, you’ll be able to increase the overall health, longevity as well as the value of your BMW over time. By observing your dashlight and frequent visits to an BMW service near to you and you will be able to maintain your costs to a minimum in the long run, and prolong the longevity for your BMW.

Our BMW maintenance and servicing guide is built in BMW OEM as well as factory guidelines and many years of in-hand BMW knowledge. We are among the most renowned service centers in Melbourne! We specialize in repairs, car servicing and performance enhancements. For more information or have your car repaired, contact us today!