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Network Certification is credentials you can earn to demonstrate your ability to work with networks within the IT field. They may focus on specific technologies from one company (Cisco or Microsoft, for instance) or be vendor neutral so the knowledge learned applies across various networking technologies.

Network Certifications: Should You Acquire One?

Although Network Certification aren’t always necessary, they can provide employers with a useful means of verifying your skill level and can add legitimacy to your resume and build the necessary IT skills. Network certifications can bolster both. For those just beginning in IT who may not know their chosen path yet, or are still exploring options, an entry-level IT certification such as Google Technical Support Fundamentals could provide invaluable help when making this important decision.

Certified network professionals may become technicians, administrators, engineers or architects within the network industry. Furthermore, knowledge of networks can also prove beneficial for system administrator positions.

Network Certifications from Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification has long been seen as a staple in network certification, representing an associate level (early career) credential covering networking fundamentals. Being one of the biggest names in networking industry makes this credential even more pertinent; additionally Cisco also offers entry, professional, and expert-level credentials (CCT, CCNP and CCDE).

CompTIA Security+ CompTIA Security+ is an internationally recognise IT certification that demonstrates relevant network security skills. This qualification serves as an entry-level standard in IT testing core knowledge required for entry-level work is cover in its certification exam.

CompTIA Network+

Like its sister certifications, CompTIA Network+ is an industry-neutral test design to demonstrate your knowledge of networking principles regardless of where your networking technology was purchase from. CompTIA also offers entry-level IT jobs or positions and seek advanced certifications and roles; additionally they also offer A+ certifications.

Juniper Networks Certified Associate

The JNCIA-Junos certification for Juniper Networks technologies is an associate-level credential that serves as an entryway to more advanced certifications from Juniper. Oil India Limited recently chose Juniper to upgrade their infrastructure, further increasing the value of this certification in India.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking.

Experienced networking professionals may pursue this certification to demonstrate expertise with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS). The exam covers advanced concepts like automation, security and architecting within Amazon AWS; its global cloud provider ranks among India’s largest cloud providers and provides ample opportunity for IT professionals to expand their skills while expanding career options.

VMWare Certified Technical Associate

Are You New to Virtualisation? VCTA-NV Certification Is A Great Way To Begin

Keep Learning on Coursera Are You Exploring IT Career Opportunities on Coursera.
To launch an IT career from scratch? Consider enrolling in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera. Designed specifically to assist those without previous IT experience find their first IT role, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate may provide the foundation on which a network administrator, engineer or architect may build upon to become more specialise in their network administration skills and expand your career options further.

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