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Are you experiencing an intense, painful pain that is concentrated on the gum line? This could indicate you’re in need of an appointment for a root canal, but how can you tell for certain?

When it comes to dental health, prevention is usually crucial. However, when decay and decay are too severe and get into the inner layer of the tooth One of the most effective chances of saving your tooth is through root canal treatment. This procedure will help protect the natural tooth, rather than replacing it with a fake one.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of sensitivity or swelling in your mouth and are concerned that you require root canal treatment It is crucial to get the correct diagnose and the treatment you need as quickly as you can. To help you determine if you should call your dentist to get root canal therapy Here’s what you need to know about how you can determine whether a root canal is needed.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals are a procedure that is designed to eliminate damaged or decayed soft tissues out of the interior the tooth. The dentist takes out the damaged dental pulp that is composed of blood vessels, nerves as well as connective tissues. In the course of treatment, the affected tissue will be replaced by an inert substance to avoid any further infection or decay. In certain cases the dental crown may be put over the tooth following root canal treatment to strengthen the tooth and restore its function. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthetic, meaning you will not feel any discomfort throughout the procedure.

The Root Canal Procedure

The process involves removing the damaged or damaged dental pulp, removing it, cleaning as well as disinfecting it before sealing and filling it. This is a step-by-step description of the procedure for removing the root canal:

Examining and Preparing: Prior to beginning the procedure the specialist in root canals will examine the tooth and then take dental X-rays in order to assess the severity of the damage to the tooth or infection. The tooth’s surface is anesthetized using local anesthesia. A rubber dam is put in place to seal the tooth and ensure it is dry.

Removal of Infected or Damaged Pulp The dentist will make an opening in the tooth, and employ small instruments to extract the infected or damaged tooth pulp from the tooth’s canals. They clean the canals and then shaped to make them ready for filling.

Filling and Sealing: After the canals are cleaned and formed, they are filled with a material that resembles rubber known as gutta-percha. The tooth’s opening is then sealed with an interim dental filling, also known as a crown. In some instances a permanently-placed crown, or filling could be applied later in order to protect and restore the function of the tooth.

After the root canal treatment it is possible that the tooth will be tender for a few weeks, and your dentist might suggest the use of over-the-counter pain relief. The dentist will give you guidelines regarding how to treat the tooth and might suggest periodic appointments to monitor the process of healing. If properly cared for of a tooth that’s had a root canal treatment could last a lifetime.

Signs And Symptoms You Need Root Canal Treatment

If you’re experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, then you might require root canal treatment:

Teeth that are in pain can be accompanied with swelling or sensitiveness to cold and hot temperatures.

Extreme pain when chewing or biting food, in particular on a particular tooth.

A pimple-like bump appears on the gums close to the tooth that is affected.

The tooth’s color is darkened and tooth discoloration.

The appearance of facial swelling or tenderness on the gums around the tooth affected.

The tooth may be sensitive to cold and hot food or beverages, regardless of whether the stimuli has been eliminated.

A wobbly or loose tooth

If you notice any symptoms or warning signs It is crucial to visit an experienced dentist as soon as you are able. If you delay this treatment, it could result in more serious problems like bone loss, abscesses or the necessity for extraction of the tooth. A dentist can assess the symptoms you are experiencing and decide if a root canal therapy is needed to help save your tooth and ease your discomfort.

Causes Of Dental Damage

Damage to the teeth is caused by many reasons, including

Infected Tooth

Infected teeth occur because bacteria accumulates inside teeth’s pulp. This could be due to various reasons, such as gum disease, tooth decay or injury on the teeth. If not treated the infection could cause tissue damage to the tissues surrounding it and lead to bone loss, abscesses, and nerve injury.


A bite or a scratch to the mouth facial area can result in dental damage which can result in cracks, chipping or tearing out teeth. Dental trauma can be caused by a variety of causes. include falls, sports injuries and accidents or biting on something that is hard, which damages your tooth in all its parts.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is among the most frequent causes of tooth damage. It is caused by plaque, which is a sticky film of bacteria that builds up on the teeth, wears down the enamel of the tooth and exposes the dentin beneath. This can cause dental cavities that, when left untreated, could cause more serious dental injuries and even the destruction of adjacent teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding and hold the tooth. It’s caused by accumulation of plaque on the gums and teeth, which results in inflammation and damage to gums and the bones that support teeth.

Contact Southeastern Dental Center For Endodontic Therapy

If you’re suffering from any one of these signs or signs mentioned above and suspect that you might require root canal therapy it is essential to speak with a dentist immediately. In Southeastern Dental Center, we offer endodontic treatment to improve the health of your mouth and relieve the pain. Our team of experienced dental specialists will evaluate your situation and determine the most effective method of treatment for your particular situation.

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