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Everyone desires a bright, white smile. Denture wearers are definitely not an exception to the general rule. Maybe your prosthetic was beautiful when you first got it however after a time you may notice that it started to fade. How do you reverse denture staining in Watertown and keep the stains from recurring? Find out more below for some tips on this topic.


To begin, it is important to be aware of the things you must be avoiding when you are trying to bleach your dentures in Watertown. It is not recommended to:

Utilize abrasive dental tools to remove your dentures. For instance you shouldn’t apply whitening toothpaste or other home-based teeth whitening products.

Clean your dentures using common products. Some people end with damaged prosthetic teeth trying to whiten their teeth using citrus juice, bleach as well as baking soda.

Dentures exposed to very hot water. The heat can easily alter the prosthetic.


Here are some safe methods to deal with moderate denture staining:

Brush your dentures gently using a gentle bristles and a little an abrasive toothpaste.

Dentures should be soaked over night in a cleanser specifically made to be used with prosthetic teeth.

At your next dental appointment, make sure you ask your dentist team to completely cleanse your dental prosthesis. They use special materials and are aware of the best methods to remove staining on the surface.

Be aware you should not forget that, if staining you’ve seen on your dentures is very severe then you might need to buy a new prosthetic. If this occurs to you, keep in mind that acrylic dentures tend to get staining much more easily that porcelain. The reason is that the acrylic has tiny pits inside it, which can collect the pigments of food items. Porcelain on the other the other hand, is a nonporous material; pigments are more likely to disappear right away.


Here are some strategies to avoid the chance of stains appearing in your dental dentures. Rinse your dentures regularly. This is especially important after you drink or eat something which is extremely pigmented for example, black tea coffee, berries and red sauce for pasta. (It is also recommended to avoid eating such foods.)

Maintain a good dental hygiene routine. It is essential to thoroughly clean your prosthetic at night and store it in a solution of cleansing or in a room temperature water when you’re not making use of it.

Avoid chewing smoking or inhaling tobacco. Smoke from cigarettes and chewing tobacco may expose your denture to extremely staining materials, causing it to become yellow.

Do you want a sparkling, stain-free teeth? The tips above will assist you in keeping your denture as gorgeous and clean as you can.

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