As technology continues to advance, finding the best laptops in 2023 becomes increasingly important. With over 70 different laptops tested, this article presents a comprehensive review of the top 10 laptops of the year. From small to big, cheap to expensive, this roundup covers a wide variety of laptops from different manufacturers. By comparing these laptops side by side, the best options become apparent, making it easier for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Testing Process

Testing Process
Testing Process

In order to provide accurate and reliable information, a rigorous testing process was conducted. Over 70 different laptops were thoroughly tested, including small and large models, as well as budget-friendly and high-end options. By testing these laptops side by side, a clear distinction between great laptops and mediocre ones emerged. The hands-on experience gained during the testing process allows for an in-depth analysis of each laptop’s performance and features.

Top 10 Laptops of 2023

Now, let’s dive into the countdown of the top 10 laptops of 2023. If you’re planning to purchase one of these laptops, it’s recommended to check the links below the video for the best possible prices. These links are regularly updated to provide the latest deals. Additionally, if any new laptops are released after this video that surpass the ones mentioned here, they will be included in the link selection.

Number 10: HP Pavilion Plus 14

Number 10: HP Pavilion Plus 14
Number 10: HP Pavilion Plus 14

Coming in at number 10 is the HP Pavilion Plus 14. With a price of around $729, this laptop offers incredible value for money. It features a vibrant OLED panel with a fast refresh rate and high resolution, delivering a visually stunning experience.

Equipped with an AMD N4 U series processor, it offers fast performance while remaining energy-efficient. The Pavilion Plus also boasts solid battery life and minimal fan noise, making it ideal for light use. However, it does have some drawbacks, including a dated appearance, mediocre keyboard and trackpad, and average speakers. Despite these cons, it is a great all-around laptop for those on a tighter budget.

Number 9: Asus mBook 14X

Number 9: Asus mBook 14X
Number 9: Asus mBook 14X

The Asus mBook 14X takes the 9th spot on our list and is an absolute beast for its price. With a large 14.5-inch OLED display, it offers vibrant colors, a fast refresh rate, and high resolution. Powered by Intel’s powerful 13th gen H series processor and equipped with 16GB of memory, it delivers exceptional performance.

The mBook 14X not only looks stylish but also stands out for its affordability. Retailing for about $1,000, it often goes on sale for $300 off, making it a terrific deal. While it may have subpar battery life and occasional fan noise, these are trade-offs for its high-performance capabilities. This laptop is highly recommended for software developers and those who require CPU performance and portability.

Number 8: Framework Laptop with AMD

Framework Laptop with AMD
Framework Laptop with AMD

Framework is a new laptop manufacturer that offers fully upgradeable laptops, and their AMD variant takes the 8th spot on our list. In addition to being environmentally friendly, upgradeable laptops provide flexibility for users.

The Framework Laptop stands out with its comfortable keyboard, good display, and interchangeable ports. With the new AMD Zen4 U series processor, it remains cool to the touch and offers longer battery life compared to the Intel model. However, it does have drawbacks such as poor speakers, a display without a fast refresh rate, and a less premium feel compared to other laptops in its price range.

Additionally, while fan noise is improved compared to the Intel variant, it is still present. This laptop is recommended for software developers and tech enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering with their devices.

Number 7: Apple MacBook Air 15 with M2

Apple MacBook Air 15 with M2
Apple MacBook Air 15 with M2

Apple’s MacBook Air 15 with M2 takes the 7th spot on our list. These all-round, high-quality devices offer a premium look and feel, with displays that are more than sufficient for most use cases.

The MacBook Air 15 features Apple’s efficient M series processors, providing ample power for everyday tasks and even some performance-heavy workloads. Notably, these laptops operate silently without any fan noise, and they rarely feel warm to the touch.

However, they are on the expensive side, especially considering they come with only 8GB of memory, which cannot be upgraded. The keyboard, while high quality, may not be the most comfortable due to its low travel. Nevertheless, the MacBook Air 15 is the ultimate laptop for light use, making it perfect for web browsing, office work, and studying.

Number 6: Asus Strix Scar 16

Asus Strix Scar 16
Asus Strix Scar 16

For gaming enthusiasts, the Asus Strix Scar 16 is the go-to choice. It offers the best overall gaming experience out of the 19 gaming laptops tested. With Intel’s powerful HX series processor and Nvidia’s highest-end 4090 graphics, this laptop delivers exceptional performance.

The stunning mini LED panel features a fast refresh rate, high resolution, and excellent color accuracy. Despite its power, the Scar 16 manages to avoid the common issues of gaming laptops, such as excessive fan noise and uncomfortably warm keyboard temperatures.

However, it is worth noting that the Scar 16 is expensive and has a relatively bulky design. Some users may find the raised hand position uncomfortable during use, and there may be occasional coil whine. Nevertheless, for gamers, the Asus Strix Scar 16 is the best choice.

Number 5: Asus mBook 14

The Asus mBook 14 earns the 5th spot on our list with its vivid OLED display and comfortable keyboard. This laptop offers a delightful viewing experience, with a display that is extremely color accurate.

It also boasts a long battery life, 16GB of memory, and 512GB of storage. The mBook 14 has a stylish design and a premium feel, without the loud fan noise or excessive heat commonly found in other laptops. Additionally, it offers great value for money, priced at around $800 before sales.

While it may not have the latest Zen 4 processor, it still provides more than enough performance for light use, such as web browsing, office work, and starting. In this price range, the mBook 14’s creature comforts outweigh the slightly lower performance compared to other options.

Number 4: Lenovo Slim Pro 9i

The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i, also known as the Yoga Pro 9i, secures the 4th spot on our list. These laptops surprised us with their overall greatness, earning them the title of Windows equivalents to Apple’s MacBook Pros. With stunning mini LED panels, these laptops offer bright, color-accurate displays with fast refresh rates and no PWM flickering.

Equipped with powerful Intel 13th gen H series CPUs and up to Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics, they deliver exceptional performance. Additionally, the Slim Pro 9i remains cool to the touch and offers a longer battery life compared to the Intel model. The keyboards on these laptops are exquisite and far more comfortable than those found in MacBook Pros.

They also come fully loaded with 32GB of memory and 1TB of storage, all at a price significantly lower than comparable MacBook Pros. However, the 14-inch version has better ports compared to the 16-inch variant, with one additional USB-C port and faster HDMI and SD card reader.

The 14-inch version does have slightly more fan noise due to its compact size, but this is not overly distracting. The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i is perfect for those seeking a powerful yet portable laptop without the exorbitant price tag of Apple’s offerings.

Number 3: MacBook Pro 16 with M3

The MacBook Pro 16 with M3 takes the 3rd spot on our list, offering an unparalleled combination of portability, performance, and minimal fan noise.

This year’s M3 upgrade provides a significant boost in raw performance compared to the M2. The 16-inch model can fully utilize the highest-end M3 Max chip, which results in better sustained performance and less throttling during long-running tasks.

The MacBook Pro 16 also boasts the best speakers in the market and features an absolutely gorgeous display. However, it is worth noting that the MacBook Pro 16 can become quite expensive, especially when considering upgraded configurations. Apple has also limited memory bandwidth and reduced the number of performance cores in their lower configurations, pushing some professional users towards higher-priced models.

For creators engaged in high-end professional creative work, the highest-end M3 Max chip is highly recommended. However, for general office work and programming, the MacBook Pro 16 with the M3 Pro chip offers more than enough power, longer battery life, and a cooler laptop. It comes with 18GB of memory, providing ample multitasking capabilities. The MacBook Pro 16 is the perfect productivity machine for those involved in creative pursuits.

Number 2: Noa’s Legion Slim 7

The Noa’s Legion Slim 7 secures the 2nd spot on our list, offering a premium package with solid performance in a portable design.

Unlike many other high-performance laptops, the Legion Slim 7 is comfortable to use, rarely getting warm to the touch and operating without fan noise during casual use. It features an incredibly comfortable keyboard and a great display with a fast refresh rate, making it a pleasure to work on. Additionally, if color accuracy is a priority, there is an affordable upgrade available.

The Legion Slim 7 comes with 16GB of soldered memory, with one memory slot available for easy and cost-effective upgrades to 32GB or more. Its battery life is decent, and most of its ports are conveniently located at the back, ensuring that cables won’t get in the way. The ports also light up, making them easy to find. However, the AMD version of the Legion Slim 7 only goes up to an RTX 4060, so if more graphics performance is desired, the Legion 7 Pro or Intel variant should be considered.

These higher configurations come at a significantly higher cost and may result in a hotter laptop with more fan noise. Additionally, only one of the Legion Slim 7’s USB-C ports supports the faster 4.0 speeds, and its SD card reader is relatively slow. Lastly, its larger footprint may make it challenging to find a suitable case. Overall, the Noa’s Legion Slim 7 is the perfect laptop for those seeking a well-rounded, 16-inch device that offers exceptional value without breaking the bank.

Number 1: Apple MacBook Pro 14 with M3

Taking the top spot on our list is the Apple MacBook Pro 14 with M3. This laptop stands out as the only one to check all the boxes for a great laptop in 2023. It offers the perfect blend of portability, performance, and minimal annoyances.

The M3 Pro variant, like its 16-inch sibling, provides substantial improvements in single-core performance, longer battery life, and almost no hidden fan noise during performance tasks.

The MacBook Pro 14 surpasses its larger counterpart due to its remarkable performance considering its size. However, it is essential to note that for video editing and other memory bandwidth-intensive tasks, the memory bandwidth limitations in some configurations may significantly impact performance.

For those seeking the highest performance, it is recommended to consider purchasing an older M2 MacBook Pro, which may be available at a discounted price. Furthermore, upgrading the MacBook Pro 14 to a Max chip is not recommended, as it does not fully unlock the chip’s potential and may result in increased heat and fan noise.

Nevertheless, for most users engaged in tasks such as programming or general office work, the new MacBook Pro 14 with the M3 Pro chip offers ample performance, longer battery life, and a cooler laptop. With 18GB of memory, it provides a comfortable and efficient environment for creating and coding.

The MacBook Pro 14 is the ultimate productivity machine for users who value portability, performance, and a seamless user experience.


In conclusion, the top 10 laptops of 2023 offer a wide range of options to suit every type of user and budget. It is crucial to find the right laptop that meets individual needs and preferences. By checking the links below the video, users can find the best deals and stay updated on the latest laptop releases. Remember to smash the like button, subscribe to the channel, and share it with friends to support its growth.

With the information provided in this comprehensive review, users can make informed decisions and find the perfect laptop to enhance their productivity and enjoyment. So go ahead, make the most of your day, and stay tuned for more exciting content!

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